History of Company

America's First Family of the Pipeline Construction Industry

Since 1903, Sheehan Has Completed Over 23,000 Miles Of Pipelines.

Every field of endeavor has a pioneer or two, and the pipeline industry must certainly include John Sheehan among its earliest and most knowledgeable leaders.

Born in 1852, he joined many young men at the turn of the century who went where the oil was. In 1903, he and his "gang" laid some of the first pipelines in the rugged, developing oil fields of Indian Territory, working for industry leaders such as Josh Cosden and Harry Sinclair.

John Sheehan's hard work and guiding spirit took his new company all across the nation as the search for oil reached a frenzied pace. Sheehan soon formed strong ties with the early pioneers of the oil industry in America and constructed thousands of miles of pipelines for companies like: Empire Pipe Line Company, Prairie Oil & Gas Company and Stanolind Pipeline Company.

John Sheehan was succeeded by his two sons, Ray and John B. Sheehan. They carried the company through the growth years of the pipeline grid. The company participated in the birth of the major cross country gas transmission lines from the Hugoton Basin to the Midwest and the East Coast. As World War II broke out, Sheehan was a major contributor to the completion of the historic War Emergency Pipeline.

Robert D. Sheehan, the son of John B. Sheehan, managed the company for over 52 years. Bob Sheehan made the company a truly national contractor, working for almost every major oil and gas transporter across the country. The fifties and sixties saw the installation of most of the nation's grid of cross-country pipelines. Bob Sheehan took his company from the deserts of the Southwest to the mountains of the East participating in all aspects of this pipeline expansion.

R. David Sheehan, Jr. carried forward the family tradition of company management. In the seventies and the eighties, David began assisting his father in running the company. Although this was certainly not a boom period in the industry, Sheehan began a long period of growth. The company took on bigger and bigger projects and entered the new century as one of the nation's largest and most diverse pipeline contractors.

Although the "gangs" have been replaced by "spreads", David has kept the Sheehan name in a steady drive towards perfection by maintaining old customs and adding new endeavors. He has built the company into one of the nation's largest pipeline contractors with an investment in equipment exceeding $45 million. Over 250 major pieces of equipment and over 250 trucks now handle the jobs horses and oxen once performed. But the pioneering spirit that typified Sheehan Pipe Line Construction Company in John Sheehan's day still remains, seasoned by more than 100 years of experience.