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Sheehan Pipe Line Construction Company (Team Sheehan) is committed to performing every work activity in a safe and incident-free manner with the highest regard for quality workmanship and focused on doing the job the right way the first time.  Our Team Members are our most valuable asset; therefore, Safety is a Core Value at Team Sheehan.

Our guiding principles to achieve this Safety Vision are:


General Policy

As an industry-leading pipe line construction firm, Sheehan Pipe Line Construction Company (Team Sheehan) is firmly committed to providing and maintaining an incident and injury free workplace. It is the policy of Team Sheehan to maintain safe and healthy working environments at all of its offices, projects and facilities. Team Sheehan will promote the health and safety of our employees (Team Members), subcontractors, customers and the public as well as the protection, respect and enhancement of the environments and communities in which we work.

Team Sheehan will embrace and utilize the following principles to guide our commitment to Health, Safety and Environmental excellence:

To meet our objectives, all Team Sheehan Members will act proactively with regard to Health, Safety and Environmental and community issues. This behavior requires the combined efforts of a concerned management, responsible and knowledgeable supervision and conscientious, well-trained employees.

Team Sheehan will take all actions necessary to meet or exceed all applicable customer and government Health, Safetyand Environmental requirements, laws and regulations.  We will continuously monitor and improve operations, processes, procedures, technologies and programs that are conducive to maintaining an incident and injury free workplace.  Our highest commitment is to ensure that our Team Members and those with whom we interact make it home safely, every day.

Click here to view the safety culture training video that we stand behind provided by our industry partner, INGAA Foundation.